February 13

History events
-515 — до н. э. (3rd of Adar, 3245) Completion of the construction of the Second Temple at Jerusalem
1195 — (1th of Adar 4955) This day marked the Speyer (Germany) ritual-murder libel. Although there was no proof of any wrongdoing, the Rabbi’s daughter was dismembered and her body was hung in the market place for a few days. The rabbi, along with many others, was killed and their houses burned
1349 — (24th of Adar-1 5109) Jews were expelled from Burgsordf, Switzerland; During the Black Plague, the newly chosen Town Council of Strasbourg, gave orders to arrest all the Jews in the city so that they could be put to death
1776 — (23th of Shevat 5536) A decree was issued forcing Jews who had moved out of the Ghetto of Frankfort to return
1881 — (14th of Adar-1 5641) The synagogue in Neustettin (Prussia) burned down today, a few days after Ernst Henrici had delivered an “anti-Semitic diatribe.” While the Jews thought it was anti-Semitic inspired arson the authorities thought differently, and five members of the Jewish community convicted on charges of arson so they could get the insurance money. The verdict was overturned on appeal (Carl Ernst Julius Henrici was a German grammar school teacher, writer, colonial adventurer and anti-Semitic politician)
1906 — (18th of Shevat 5666) Another Jewish massacre was reported to have taken place in Bessarabia
1920 — (24th of Shevat 5680) In Berlin, “anti-Semitic demonstrations by students compelled Dr. Albert Einstein to cancel a course of lectures
1930 — (15th of Shevat 5690) Following the massacre of sixty Jews in Hebron, it was reported today that “large party of Jews from Jerusalem had visited” the city where “they collected all traces of blood by washing the floors and walls and breaking off pieces of stained plaster from the walls and ceilings and proceed to bury the collection at the graves of the victims” along “with blood-stained implements of the massacre” including knives, bludgeons and stones.”
1931 — (26th of Shevat 5691)In the wake of a British white paper aimed at limiting Jewish immigration to Palestine, today Prime Minister Ramsay Macdonald wrote the famous “Macdonald Letter” to Chiam Weizmann. The limitation on immigration had been brought on by violent Arab riots in 1929
1943 — (8th of Adar-1 5703) Jews in Salonica were prohibited from walking on the street at night, nor using any telephone, private or public
1949 — (14th of Shevat 5709) “Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion served notice on the United Nations Palestine Conciliation Commission tonight that Israel would oppose the internationalization of Jerusalem.”
1955 — (21th of Shevat 5715) Israel acquired four of the seven Dead Sea scrolls. Between 1947 and 1956 thousands of fragments of biblical and early Jewish documents were discovered in eleven caves near the site of Khirbet Qumran on the shores of the Dead Sea. These important texts have revolutionized our understanding of the way the Bible was transmitted, and have illuminated the general cultural and religious background of ancient Palestine

1469 — (1th of Adar 5229) Birthdate of Elia Levita, early Hebrew grammarian and Yiddish author
1875 — (8th of Adar-1 5635) Zacharias Frankel, Jewish scholar and theologian, died
1945 — (30th of Shevat, 5705) Henrietta Szold, American-Jewish women’s leader and the founder of Hadassah, who had been seriously ill in Hadassah University Hospital on Mount Scopus since December, died today at the age of 84