February 12

History events
1481 — (13th of Adar 5241) The first Auto de Fe took place in Seville, Spain. Six Morrano men and six women were burned for allegedly practicing Judaism
1486 — (7th of Adar 5246) Auto da fé at Toledo at which 740 Jews were reconciled
1860 — (19th of Adar 5620) Isaac Baer Levinsohn, the Mendelssohn of Russia, died
1935 — (9th of Adar-1 5695) The first Palestine-owned ships of modern times will start service here today, restoring to the Jewish people a profession in which they have had little part since the ancient Phoenicians. Two new ships Mount Zion and Tel Aviv sail between Palestine, Constananza and Trieste. While the ships are of “British naval design” they will have Jewish skippers and crews
1940 — (3th of Adar-1 5700) The Nazis began the first mass deportation of Germans Jews to Poland
1941 — (15th of Shevat 5701) The Nazis established the Jewish Council for Amsterdam under Abraham Asscher, prominent Amsterdam businessman and David Cohen, a professor of ancient history at the Municipal University of Amsterdam; In Amsterdam, German soldiers, assisted by Dutch police, encircled the old Jewish neighborhood and cordoned it off from the rest of the city by putting up barbed wire, opening bridges and putting in police checkpoints which meant that this neighborhood was now forbidden for non-Jews effectively making it a Ghetto
1944 — (18th of Shevat 5704) Incendiary bombs that exploded simultaneously in Jerusalem, Haifa and Tel Aviv tonight damaged immigration offices in all three cities
1949 — (13th of Shevat 5709) An unidentified aircraft bombed Jerusalem. Based on various sources the plane might have been Egyptian or British
1953 — (27th of Shevat 5713) The Jerusalem Post reported that in his address to UN officers, Syrian Colonel Ghassan Shabib, a senior Israeli-Syrian Mixed Armistice Commission delegate had declared, «This country has no room for both peoples. There should be either Jews or Arabs.»
1989 — (7th of Adar-1 5749) The Solomon Mikhoels Cultural Center, which is based at the Moscow Jewish Musical Chamber Theater, was dedicated today
1991 — (28th of Shevat 5751) In the early morning hours Iraq carried out its 13th Scud attack. The Scud was hit by the Patriot over a populated section of Tel Aviv and flaming missile parts slammed into the city. At least seven people were lightly injured

1837 — (7th of Adar-1 5597) Ludwig Börne, German writer, died
1942 — (25th of Shevat, 5702) Avraham Stern was killed after being captured by British authorities in Tel Aviv. Stern was the leader of Lechi a Hebrew acronym for Lohamei Cherut Israel, «Fighters for the Freedom of Israel», לח»י — לוחמי חירות ישראל) also known as the Stern Gang