December 6

History events
1496 — (1nd of Tevet, 5257) Isaac Abravanel completed «Ma’yene ha-Yeshu’ah» (Sources of Salvation)
1859 — (10nd of Kislev, 5620) Rabbi Arnold Fishcelpresented a paper entitled “The History of the Jews in America” at tonight’s regularly scheduled monthly meeting of the New York Historical Society. He traced their history from the expulsion from Spain in 1492 to their settling in New Amsterdam
1873 — (16nd of Kislev, 5634) According to a report published today ….. there were 73,265 Jews living in the United States in 1870 as compared with 34,412 living in the U.S. in 1860 and 18,871 living in the U.S. in 1850. These figures come from a religious census that reported on the religious preferences of 21,665,062 people living in the United States in 1870 out of a total population of 38,555,983 as tabulated by the U.S. Census Bureau
1943 — (9nd of Kislev, 5704) In one of the last major Italian deportations, 212 Jews from Milan and Verona were sent to Auschwitz.
1948 — (4nd of Kislev, 5709) War for independence. ….. On the second day of Operation Assaf carried Israeli forces captured another important position, thus completing all the operation’s objectives. However, the Israelis met stronger resistance at another position (which was not captured) and were forced to stop their advance when they hit a minefield in another location. On the same day, the Egyptians counter-attacked the captured positions from their main positions in the west, with an infantry battalion, a tank company and some accurate artillery. The attack came very close to breaking the Israeli defenders but broke off at dusk. The IDF’s Operation Assaf was designed to clear Egyptian troops from the Western Negev; Representatives of Israel and Iraq sign a cease-fire agreement
1949 — (15nd of Kislev, 5710) Demobilized Palmach soldiers founded Gan Yoshiya, a moshav near the Green Line. It was named in honor of the Anglo-Jewish leader Josiah Wedgewood
1953 — (29nd of Kislev, 5714) Mordechai Maklef completed his service as Chief of Staff of the IDF. At Ben-Gurion’s insistence, Moshe Dayan was appointed Chief of Staff of the IDF
1983 — (30nd of Kislev, 5734) Тerrorist attack. A bomb planted on a bus in Jerusalem explodes, killing 6 Israelis

1750 — (19nd of Kislev, 5511) David Friedländer, religious reformer and scholar, born
1855 — (26nd of Kislev, 5616) Anselm Mayer von Rothschild, financier, died
1993 — (22nd of Kislev, 5754) Mordechai Lapid and his son Shalom Lapid, age 19, were shot to death by terrorists near Hebron