December 29

History events
-584 — (10nd of Tevet, 3175) The Babylonian king, Nebuchadnezzar, began his siege of Jerusalem leading to the destruction of the first Temple. This day is commemorated as one of the «minor» fasts, lasting from sunrise to sunset
1485 — (21nd of Tevet, 5246) Joshua Solomon Soncino published Sefer ha-Ikkarim (Book of Principles) at Soncino, Italy. Sefer ha-Ikkarim («Book of Principles») is a fifteenth century work by Rabbi Joseph Albo, a student of Crescas
1801 — (24nd of Tevet, 5562) Based on a deed of conveyance of this date, Levi Solomon and Solomon Etting paid William McMechen and John Leggett for land to be used as a Jewish cemetery in Baltimore, MD
1867 — (3nd of Tevet, 5628) Jewish Emancipation Act passed in Hungary
1889 — (6nd of Tevet, 5650) The Jaffa to Jerusalem Railway Company (Société du Chemin de Fer Ottoman de Jaffa à Jérusalem et Prolongements) was founded in Paris with Bernard Camille Collas, a French lighthouse inspector, as the first director
1895 — (12nd of Tevet, 5656) Based on statements of Samuel Schafer published today the Hebrew Fair which closed last week has raised $165,000 and that when all contributions are tallied the amount raised will reach approximately $175,000. Approximately $100,000 will go to the Educational Alliance with the balance going the Hebrew Technical Institute
1901 — (19nd of Tevet, 5662) The Jewish National Fund (JNF) was founded.
1931 — (19nd of Tevet, 5692) The first Hebrew-language feature-film «Oded Hanoded» — «Oded the Wanderer», directed by Chaim Halahmi, premiered in Tel Aviv
1937 — (25nd of Tevet, 5698) The Palestine Post reported that the General Council for Palestine Jews (Va’ad Leumi) decreed that in view of certain developments, the council was the sole body authorized to reach an agreement with the Arabs
1945 — (25nd of Tevet, 5706) Just before dawn today British Sixth Airborne Division troops threw a cordon around Ramat Gan a town of 10,000 and searched every part of it, looking for terrorists who blew up police and military installations in near-by Tel Aviv and Jaffa Thursday night. Authorities arrested more than 800 men between the ages of 16 and 40 making this the largest action of its kind in Palestine
1946 — (6nd of Tevet, 5707) In Palestine, Major Paddy Brett and three non-commissioned officers serving in the British Army were flogged by attackers alleged to have been members of the Irgun.
1947 — (16nd of Tevet, 5708) Five Jewish doctors driving back to Jerusalem from Hadassah Hospital came under attack from Arab gunman. The doctors found sanctuary with a nearby Jewish family while their attackers burned their car.
1947 — (16nd of Tevet, 5708) «The 29th of November», a ship filled with «illegal» Jewish immigrants, was driven off the coast of Eretz Israel by the British. The ship was named in honor of the date when the U.N. approved the partition resolution that effectively created the Jewish state of Israel
1948 — (27nd of Kislev, 5709) War for independence. ….. As Israeli forces finally were driving out the Egyptian invaders, the United Nations called for a cease fire between the Jewish state and the Arab aggressor in the Negev. Israel responded to the UN call for a ceasefire in the Negev by saying it will continue fighting until Egypt agrees to peace talks while the British government, in a move that shows its pro-Arab and anti-Jewish bias, insists that Israel accept the UN call for an immediate ceasefire
1952 — (11nd of Tevet, 5713) The Jerusalem Post reported that Israel protested to the West on its intensified supply of arms to the Arab states. Britain offered to sell jet planes to Israel, and in an equal number to each separate Arab state, and this would obviously give the combined Arab forces great superiority
1955 — (14nd of Tevet, 5716) In a speech to the Supreme Soviet, Prime Minister Nikita Khrushchev condemns Israel as a tool of imperialist states used to threaten its Arab neighbors
1959 — (28nd of Kislev, 5720) Bari-Ilan University Holds First Commencement Services published today describes the baccalaureate activities at one of Israel’s newest institutions of higher education
1973 — (4nd of Tevet, 5734) While Prime Minister Golda Meir was not averse to some form of territorial compromise to gain peace with the Arabs, she said today that Israel would not descend from the Golan, will not partition Jerusalem and will not allow the distance from Natanya to the border be a mere 18 kilometers
1977 — (19nd of Tevet, 5738) The Jerusalem Post reported that the Knesset endorsed the peace plan, as drafted by Prime Minister Menachem Begin, and presented to the US and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, by 64 to eight votes with 40 abstentions. More than 1,000 settlers from the administered territories protested against the plan outside the Knesset’s gates
2011 — (3nd of Tevet, 5772) Israel’s population stands at 7.836 million, the Central Bureau of Statistics (ICBS) indicated today as part of its year-end survey
2013 — (26nd of Tevet, 5774) At least five Katyusha rockets were fired from Lebanon at northern Israel.

1889 — (6nd of Tevet, 5650) Ludwig Philippson, Jewish publicist, died
1893 — (20nd of Tevet, 5654) Adolf Jellinek, Jewish scholar, died
1909 — (17nd of Tevet, 5670) Birthdate of Johtje Vos, a Dutch woman who along with her husband hid three dozen Jews from the Nazis during World War II. In addition to which they provided assistance to an unknown number of Jews escaping through part of the Netherlands from 1940 through 1945. Mrs. Vos moved to Woodstock, NY in 1951 and passed away at the age of 97 in 2007
2008 — (2nd of Tevet 5769) Irit Shitrit, a 36-year-old mother of four who had sought shelter in a bus station was killed by a rocket in downtown Ashdod. Her sister was one of eight other civilians injured in the attack