December 28

History events
1235 — (17th of Tevet, 4996) A ritual murder massacre at Fulda resulted in the death of 32 Jews
1811 — (12th of Tevet, 5572) Full civil rights and privileges granted to the Jews of Frankfort
1885 — (20th of Tevet, 5646) It was reported today that there were 80,000 Jews living in New York City; another 20,000 living in Brooklyn; and no more than 15,000 living in Philadelphia
1942 — (20th of Tevet, 5703) Two Jews are shot for mutiny at the Stalowa Wola, (Poland) slave-labor camp
1947 — (15th of Tevet, 5708) War for independence. ….. A convoy of Jewish trucks was ambushed near Dier Balah. The Jews fought their way through the ambush in which two Arabs were killed and another nine were wounded; Five Arabs were killed in Jerusalem by members of the Stern Gang who forced their way into an Arab house and shot those inside; Five Jews are killed in random terror attacks in Jerusalem. One was stabbed to death while on his way to a funeral. Another, Miriam Meir, the mother of six, was hanging her washing on a line when she was shot by an Arab sniper. Dr. Hugo Lehrs, a British government medical officer was walking with an Arab doctor and an Arab nurse when they were confronted by three armed Arabs. “Which is the Jew?” They asked. The two Arabs stood aside and Dr. Lehrs was gunned down
1948 — (26th of Kislev, 5709) War for independence. ….. During Operation Horev, the Negev brigade followed the tanks of the 8th brigade across the Egyptian border tonight and moved towards El-Aris; The Alexandroni brigade is sent to break through an Egyptian stronghold in Iraq-El-Manshia, as part of the big campaign aimed to capture Kis Fallujah which is held by the Egyptian Army. The brigade did not succeed in this mission either
1949 — (8th of Tevet, 5710) The first Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel took place following a decision of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel that an annual memorial should take place on the Tenth of Tevet, a traditional day of mourning and fasting in the Hebrew calendar” and “the day was marked by the burial in a Jerusalem cemetery of ashes and bones of thousands of Jews brought from the Flossenbürg concentration camp and religious ceremonies held in honor of the victims.”
1959 — (27th of Kislev, 5720) First graduation ceremony at Bar-Ilan University
1968 — (7th of Tevet, 5729) Israeli forces conducted a commando raid aimed at Beirut Airport as part of its war against Palestinian terrorists
1972 — (23th of Tevet, 5733) Тerrorist attack. ….. Four Black September members took over the Israeli embassy in Bangkok, holding 12 hostages. They raised the PLO flag over the building and threatened to kill the hostages unless 36 PLO prisoners were released. The building was surrounded by Thai troops and police. The option of a rescue operation was considered in Israel but ruled out. A rescue operation was considered a logistical impossibility, and it was also thought that as the embassy was in busy central Bangkok, the Thai government would never allow the possibility of a shootout to occur. Though their demands were not met, negotiations secured the release of all the hostages and the Black September militants were given safe passage to Cairo
1977 — (18th of Tevet, 5738) In Tel Aviv, a terrorist bombing killed two and injured two
2007 — (19th of Tevet, 5768) Two Israelis were killed and a third was wounded in a drive-by shooting in the south Hebron Hills.

1811 — (12th of Tevet, 5572) Ludwig Philippson, Jewish publicist, born
1938 — (11th of Tevet, 5579) Birthdate of Yehoram Gaon “an Israeli singer and actor” a Sephardic Jew from Jerusalem
1945 — (24th of Tevet, 5706) Moshe Shertock, head of the Jewish Agency political department was released today at 9 am after having been arrested last night along with 1,500 other Jews following the bombing of British installations in Palestine. Shertock could have been released as early as 4 in the morning but he “refused to leave until most the prisoners were freed; something that did not happen until 9 o’clock