December 27

History events
-175 — (11st of Tevet, 3587) This day marked the completion of the Septuagint translation of the Bible into the Greek language. ….. According to a letter from Aristeas to Philocrates, 72 sages, (six from each Israelite tribe) were brought to by Ptolemy II Alexandria to translate the Bible into Greek. Based on the legend, each sage was isolated and wrote a separate translation, but when all 72 were compared, they were all identical. The text of the Septuagint and the Tanach are not the same. Some viewed this translation as a positive event because it showed an interest of Greek intellectuals in Jewish thought and philosophy. Others contend that this translation was necessary because the Jews of Alexandria had such limited knowledge of Hebrew that they could no longer read the text in the original
1503 — (9st of Tevet, 5264) Judaizing followers of R. Zechariah of Kiev burned at Moscow
1504 — (20th of Tevet, 5265) «Proselytizing» Jews in Moscow and Kiev were expelled after a few high officials converted to Judaism
1937 — (23th of Tevet, 5698) The Haganah decides to establish Field Companies under the command of Itzhak Sadeh
1945 — (23rd of Tevet, 5706) In the greatest mass arrests in the history of Palestine more than 1,500 people were taken into custody tonight after unidentified people blew up the British police station in the center of Jerusalem
1948 — (25th of Kislev, 5709) War for independence. Israel bombs Arab forces in Gaza; Fighting between Israeli and Egyptians in Fallujah; During Operation Horev, an Israeli armored brigade attacked al-Auja. The successful attack led to the surrender of Egyptian forces in the area.
1969 — (18th of Tevet, 5730) By 2 a.m., during Operation Rooster 53, ….. when the paratroops had taken apart the radar station and prepared the various parts for the CH-53’s, the two helicopters were called in from across the Red Sea. One CH-53 carried the communications caravan and the radar antenna, while the other took the heavier, four-ton radar itself. The two helicopters made their way back across the Red Sea to Israeli controlled territory
1970 — (29th of Kislev, 5731) The Golani Brigade took part in a retaliatory strike came against the village Yatar, a major guerrilla base.
2002 — (22nd of Tevet, 5763) Terrorists broke into a dining hall at a yeshiva in Otneil, south of Hebron, and killed 4 students who were working in the yeshiva kitchen, and injured ten others. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility
2006 — (6th of Tevet, 5767) Heavy snow fell on Jerusalem forcing the Egged bus company to shut down its routes “citing dangerous road conditions. Snow began falling on the Golan Heights in the early morning hours and by evening reach as far south as Mitzpe Ramon in the Negev

1812 — (24th of Tevet, 5573) Shneur Zalman of Liadi founder of Chabad Hasidism passed away
1889 — (4th of Tevet, 5650) Eduard Bendemann, German painter, died
1953 — (21st of Tevet, 5714) Poet Julian Tuwim passed away