December 25

History events
1881 — (3th of Tevet, 5642) Anti-Jewish riots began in Poland. In Warsaw twelve Jews were killed, many others were wounded, and some women were raped. Two million rubles worth of property was destroyed
1947 — (12th of Tevet, 5708) Two British soldiers were killed and at least three more were wounded tonight when gunmen from the Stern Gang \fired on a group of Tommies who were celebrating Christmas in a Tel Aviv cafe
1948 — (23th of Kislev, 5709) The Pan York which had been renamed the Wooster Victory set sail from Shanghai with 852 passengers bound for Israel making it the first ship to sail from the Chinese port to the newly created Jewish state
1952 — (7th of Tevet, 5713) The town of Hatzor is founded in Galilee
1969 — (16th of Tevet, 5730) The French discover that the berths that had been holding five embargoed Israeli missile boats are empty. ….. The absence of any announcement about the embargo’s termination prompted media inquiries, which failed to elicit convincing explanations. «Where are they?» asked a banner headline in a local newspaper. “The boats were indeed on the run. Battered by towering waves as they crossed the Bay of Biscay, they dropped anchor in a Portuguese cove alongside an Israeli freighter fitted out as a refueling ship, one of several support vessels deployed along the 5,150-km. escape route. When the boats entered the Mediterranean, British maritime monitors on Gibraltar signaled «What ship?» A Lloyd’s helicopter circled the silent vessels but saw no identity numbers or flags. The British monitors, guessing the boats’ destination from the media reports, flashed «bon voyage» in salute to Nelsonian flair. Stung by Israel’s audacity, French defense minister Michel Debre called for the air force to interdict the vessels which had been spotted off the North African coast racing east. Prime minister Jacques Chaban-Delmas refused. Near Crete, IAF Phantoms roared low overhead protectively and waggled their wings. The boats would sail into Haifa harbor on New Year’s Eve, 1970, to cheers for a bravado display of high-stakes hutzpa. For Israel’s navy, however, the flight from Cherbourg was no lighthearted caper but a matter of life or death — its own. These missile boats were part of decade long development project designed to give Israel a naval capability that would help the Jewish state meet the nautical threat posed by its Arab neighbors who were being supplied by their Soviet and East Bloc patrons
1977 — (15th of Tevet, 5738) Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat met in Ismailia, Egypt. ….. During negotiations, Sadat tells Begin that there can be no separate peace between Israel and Egypt. To gain peace with Egypt, Israel must agree to the pre-1967 boundaries and recognize the right to Palestinian self-determination. Rather than lose momentum or stop the negotiations, Begin and Sadat established several working committees to examine different aspects of the peace process
1994 — (22th of Tevet, 5755) Near Jerusalem’s convention center and central bus station Palestinian suicide bomber carrying a pack of explosives blew himself up here near a bus full of Israeli soldiers today, wounding 13 people and killing himself

1564 — (21th of Tevet, 5325) Johannes Buxtorf I., Christian Jewish scholar, born
1834 — (23th of Kislev, 5595) David Friedländer, religious reformer and scholar, died
1901 — (15th of Tevet, 5662) Jean de Bloch, Russo-Polish financier, died
1921 — (24th of Kislev, 5682) Sixty-five year old Vladimir Korolenko, “one of the few Russian writers who create apositive Jewish images in his work,” “condemned the Kishinev pogrom” and wrote articles in defense of Menachem Mendel Bellis passed away today
1942 — (17th of Tevet, 5703) Nazi forces in Cracow capture and murder Aharon Liebeskind leader along with Heshek Bauminger, of the Jewish Fighting Organization (JFO)
2003 — (30th of Kislev, 5764) Adva Tzippora Fisher, 19, of Kfar Saba; Cpl. Rotem Weinberger, 19, of Kfar Saba; Staff Sergeant Noam Leibowitz, 22, of Elkana and Cpl. Angelina Shcherov, 19, of Kfar Saba were murdered today and 16 others were wounded when suicide bomber from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine detonated an explosive device near a bus stop at the Geha Interchange