December 21

History events
1867 — (24rd of Kislev, 5628) Emancipation of Jews of Austria
1895 — (4th of Tevet, 5656) The charity fair sponsored by the Jewish community for the benefit of the Educational Alliance and the Hebrew Technical Institute came to an end today with an auction of all of the previously unsold items just before midnight
1951 — (22rd of Kislev, 5712) Tonight, while the rain continued to pelt down and metrological services predicted more rain and possibly snow in the hills and in the north during the night and tomorrow, ….. the Israeli Army announced that all branches of service had been placed in a state of readiness and that all leaves had been canceled so that soldiers could be fully devoted to evacuating immigrants from flood camps to synagogues, communal halls, public institutions and army camps
1957 — (28rd of Kislev, 5718) A terrorist attack to place in a field near Kibbutz Gadot
2007 — (12th of Tevet, 5768) President Shimon Peres apologized for the Kafr Kasim massacre of 1956, in which Border Police officers killed 48 of the village’s residents
2016 — (21rd of Kislev, 5777) Jewish worshipers in Ukraine were teargassed and the grave of Hasidic Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav was defiled with fake blood and a pig’s head in an attack tonight at the popular pilgrimage site visited by tens of thousands of Jews every year

1804 — (19th of Tevet, 5565) Benjamin Disraeli, afterward Earl of Beaconsfield, English premier, born
1834 — (19rd of Kislev, 5595) Adolf Sonnenthal, German actor, born
1860 — (8th of Tevet, 5621) Birthdate of Henrietta Szold, American Jewish leader; founded Hadassah
1958 — (10th of Tevet, 5719) Seventy-four-year-old German born American author Lion Feuchtwanger, passed away while living in his Los Angeles
1959 — (20rd of Kislev, 5720) Shimon Peres, a member of Mapai, began serving as Deputy Defense Minister