December 17

History events
-520 — (24th of Kislev, 3241) The foundation-stone of the Temple was laid (As reported by Jewish Encyclopedia)
1489 — (23th of Tevet, 5250) Today Italian rabbi, Obadiah ben Abraham Bartenura wrote that “he had moved to Hebron where he found the atmosphere much more conducive, and a small Jewish community numbering some twenty households who were of a better temperament than those in Jerusalem, and where they lived along one alleyway.”
1659 — (12th of Tevet, 5420) Three hundred Jews of Bychow, near Moghilef, slaughtered
1914 — (29th of Kislev, 5675) The Turks expelled the Jews of Tel Aviv, sending them to Egypt. Many of the Jews were native Russians. Since Russia and Turkey were enemies during World War I, the Turks saw these Russian Jews as potential enemy agents or worse
1941 — (27th of Kislev, 5702) Нolocaust. The slaughter of the Jews of Skede, which began on December 15, came to an end. German security police and Latvian police marched almost three thousand Jews to a ditch, forced them to strip and then shot them in groups of ten.
1942 — (9th of Kislev, 5703) Нolocaust. Pressure from members of Parliament, ….. from Jewish groups in England, from the Anglican Church, from the British press, and from the Polish government-in-exile persuades the Allied governments to publish their first official recognition of atrocities in Poland. The Allied nations—Great Britain, United States, Soviet Union, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Luxembourg, Holland, Norway, Poland, Yugoslavia, and the French National Committee—officially condemn the Nazis’ «bestial policy of cold-blooded extermination.» They vow to punish those responsible. Several U.S. State Department officials try to block this declaration. All previous and following declarations neglect to mention Jews; Jewish inmates at the labor camp at Kruszyna, Poland, near Radom, attack guards with knives and fists. Six prisoners are killed and four escape
1943 — (20th of Kislev, 5704) Нolocaust. Jews are executed at Kovno, Lithuania, as reprisal for an escape of several Jews from the ghetto
1947 — (4th of Kislev, 5708) In the face of mounting violence and fearing that worse was to come, the Jewish leaders of Jerusalem opened a blood bank with goal of producing 1000 doses of plasma
1947 — (4th of Kislev, 5708) The Arab League Council announced it will stop the proposed partition of Palestine by force and begins raids on the Jewish communities in Palestine
1984 — (23th of Kislev, 5745) Three people were injured when terrorists hurled grenades at a Tel Aviv bus stop

1141 — (17th of Tevet, 4902) After leaving Cairo, Jehuda Halevi arrived at the port of Damietta where he was warmly received by his old friend Abu Said Chalfon
1784 — (4th of Tevet, 5545) Liefmann Calmer, the Aurich, Hanover native whose “full synagogal name was Moses Eliezer Lipmann ben Kalonymus” and who “obtained French letters of naturalization” after having become the “official purveyor to King Louis XV” passed away today in Paris
1898 — (4th of Tevet, 5659) Ḳalman Schulman, Russian Hebrew writer, died
1917 — (2nd of Tevet, 5678): Thirty-six-year-old Dov Ber Borochov, one of the founding fathers of the Labor Zionist movement, passed away