December 11

History events
1808 — (22th of Kislev, 5569) Napoleon issues decree dividing the whole French empire into Jewish consistories
1917 — (26th of Kislev, 5678) Corporal Louis Isaac Salek, a Gallipoli veteran from New Zealand, ….. flew the first Jewish flag ever to fly over Jerusalem since the city’s fall to the Romans 2000+ years ago.” The flag was made by an Egyptian-Jewish department store owner named Moreno Cicurel with the assistance of a tailor from Alexandria named Eliezer Slutzkin. Unlike Israel’s present flag, Salek’s version was blue and white, the top half blue, the bottom half white with a Magen David in the center, but within the triangles there were rounded edges. Salek planted Moreno’s flag “atop the Tower of David — the Citadel — where it flew for 20 minutes before being removed by the British who had just conquered Palestine from the Turks
1941 — (21th of Kislev, 5702) A Jewish ghetto is established at Lutsk, Ukraine; Over the next two days, more than 14,000 Jews are murdered by Einsatzkommandos in Simferopol, Ukraine.
1947 — (28th of Kislev, 5708) Ten Jews were killed when their convoy, carrying food and water to the Etzion Bloc settlements, was ambushed just south of Bethlehem; In a six hour battle, Haganah troops fought off a major Arab attack on the Old City of Jerusalem, home to 2,500 Jews
1952 — (23th of Kislev, 5713) The Jerusalem Post reported after ….. the festive Knesset inauguration ceremony, President Yitzhak Ben-Zvi signed pardons for 25 prisoners, all of whom had nearly completed their sentences; that 184 new students had been admitted to the new Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School. The majority were Israelis who had previously studied medicine abroad and graduates of Israeli secondary schools; that the Post’s Toy Fund started the distribution of Hanukkah toys and sweets at over 100 ma’abarot and new-immigrant centers throughout the country
1955 — (26th of Kislev, 5716) Operation Olive Leaves ….. which was designed to put an end to Syrian shelling attacks on Israelis in around the Sea of Galilee began this evening with an artillery barrage “elements of the 890th Paratroop Battalion, augmented by units of Aharon Davidi’s 771 Reserve Paratroop Battalion as well as units from the Nahal and Givati Brigades commenced” “a complex two-pronged attack” “on Syrian emplacements along Kinneret’s northeastern shoreline”
1974 — (27th of Kislev, 5735) In Tel Aviv, one person was murdered and 66 others were injured when a terrorist set off a bomb in movie theatre
1988 — (3th of Tevet, 5749) «On the Red Sea, Israel’s Answer to Key West”….. — The New York Times published today reports that Eilat is to Israel what Key West is to the United States — a hot, lazy, bohemian and (to be honest) tawdry little resort town at the nation’s southern tip, physically and emotionally far removed from the commotion to the north. Eilat has no Arab community and no significant religious population, facts the city’s boosters like to point out. »This is a resort area; the religious, they like to stay in the center of the country,’ Mayor Avi Hochman says. That removes any possibility for the two greatest sources of tension here — Arab versus Jew, religious versus secular. »We’re tolerant here,’ said Rina Maor, head of the state tourism office. »If people want to go to the synagogue, it’s O.K., if people want to go topless it’s O.K.» Most female visitors seem to choose the latter option”
2007 — (2th of Tevet, 5768) The United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution proposed by Israel. The UN passage of an Israeli resolution on agriculture is the first time a nonpolitical Israeli resolution has been adopted by the international body

1882 — (1th of Tevet, 5643) In Bresalu, Gretchen Kauffmann and Gustav Jacob Born gave birth to Max Born, pioneer in the field of quantum mechanics