December 10

History events
1486 — (14rd of Tevet, 5247) Auto da fé held at Toledo; nine hundred Jews «reconciled»
1890 — (28th of Kislev, 5651) Guildhall meeting protests against the persecution of Russian Jews by the «May Laws»
1895 — (23th of Kislev, 5656) Large crowds visited all of the booths and displays at the Hebrew Fair in New York City. Isaacs S. Isaacs is editor in chief of the Fair Journal. Rebecca Kohut is the business manager of the Fair Journal.
1936 — (26th of Kislev, 5697) Jewish settlers erected the first of the “Tower and Stockade” settlements,Tel Amel which is now known Nir David.
1942 — (2rd of Tevet, 5741) Нolocaust. The Polish ambassador to Britain informs Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden that the Polish government-in-exile can confirm that the German authorities are systematically exterminating the entire Jewish population of Poland and the rest of Europe
1948 — (8th of Kislev, 5709) War for independence. Israel agrees to UN truce mission’s request to let a trapped Egyptian force withdraw from Faluja in Negev.
1955 — (25th of Kislev, 5716) An Israeli police boat approaching the Sea of Galilee’s northwestern shore was fired on by Syrian guns in the latest of a series of Syrian violations of the truce agreement
1964 — (5rd of Tevet, 5725) In Israel, the government resigned when “Ben-Gurion demanded that members of the Supreme Court Investigate the Lavon Affair
2005 — (9rd of Kislev, 5766) The first Asiatic elephant to be conceived in Israel through artificial insemination was born at the Tisch Family Zoological Gardens in Jerusalem. The Biblical Zoo joined the project to preserve the Asiatic elephant, which faces extinction, several years ago.

1909 — (27th of Kislev, 5670) Birthdate of New York born, Israeli journalist Ted Lurie “who immigrated to Palestine in 1930 where he joined the staff of the Palestine Post and eventually became editor of its renamed publication, The Jerusalem Post
1978 — (10th of Kislev, 5739) In Oslo, Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat accepted the 1978 Nobel Peace Prize