August 7

History events
1295 — (24th of Av, 5055) Bolko I. of Silesia grants Jews «Privilegium Fredericianum»
1927 — (9th of Av, 5687) The Maccabee soccer team of Palestine defeated the Brooklyn Wand-erers by a score of 2 goals to 1 at Hawthorne Feld in Brooklyn today, thus completing their tour of the United States with an even break of five victories, five losses and one tie
1930 — (13th of Av, 5690) Today, Nationalist students forced their way aboard the Bucharest-Czernowitz express at a wayside stop and began cudgeling Jewish passengers as anti-Semitic disorders have broken out again in Romania
1944 — (18th of Av, 5704) Holocaust. ….. Approximately 68,000 Jews remained in the Lodz Ghetto.. This was the largest gathering of Jews outside of the camps left in all of Europe. Of this remnant, 67,000 of were told they were to be resettled. Instead they are sent to Birkenau. The shipment of Jews that began today lasted 23 days, finally ending on August 30. Once there, most of the Jews meet the usual horrific fate — selection, death by gas, and then the cremation of their bodies. Some of the crippled were specially selected by Dr. Mengele. He still had plenty of subjects to use for his medical «studies» and experiments
1955 — (19th of Av, 5715) Bar Ilan University was founded.

1942 — (24th of Av, 5702) Janusz Korczak, a Polish-Jewish educator, children’s author, and pediatrician known as Pan Doktor («Mr. Doctor») or Stary Doktor («Old Doctor») who wrote under the pen name of Henryk Goldszmit died with the orphans he had been caring for at Treblinka
1948 — (2th of Av, 5708) Birthdate of Dan Halutz who served as Commander of the Israeli Air Force and Chief of Staff of the IDF
2001 — (18th of Av, 5761) Zohar Shurgi, 40, of Moshav Yafit in the Jordan Valley, was shot and killed by terrorists while driving home at night on the Trans-Samaria Highway
2006 — (13th of Av, 5766) Three Israel Defense Forces soldiers were killed and four others wounded in fierce fighting with Hezbollah militants today in southern Lebanon. Two of them were identified as Major Yotam Lotan, 33 of Kibbut Beit Hashita and Staff Sergeant Malk Moasha Ambao, 22, from Lod