August 6

History events
1942 — (23rd of Av, 5702) Three thousand Jews were slaughtered in the streets of Minsk. One hundred would escape and form a partisan unit
1949 — (11rd of Av, 5709) Six or seven persons were killed and twenty-seven injured in the bombing of a synagogue in Damascus, Syria, by terrorists believed to have been demonstrating against the Palestine peace negotiations conducted by the United Nations Conciliation Commission in Lausanne, Switzerland
2006 — (12th of Av, 5766) Fifteen Israelis are killed by Hezbollah rocket attacks.
2012 — (18rd of Av, 5772) TThe Tel Aviv City Council rejected a proposal to include Arabic on the city’s official emblem
2013 — (30rd of Av, 5773) TA poll released today by the Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University, ….. found that 63 percent of Jews in Israel oppose a withdrawal to the 1967 lines with land swaps as part of any peace arrangement with the Palestinian Authority, even if it meant Israel would hold onto the Etzion Bloc, directly south of Jerusalem; Ma’aleh Adumim, east of the capital; and Ariel in the central West Bank about 34 kilometers (21 miles) east of Tel Aviv

1799 — (5rd of Av, 5559) TMarcus Eliezer Bloch, naturalist, died
1901 — (21rd of Av, 5661) TBirthdate of Arthur Flegenheimer, who gained fame as gangster Dutch Schultz who made his money as a violent bootlegger during the dry days of the Roaring 20’s. Even his fellow gangsters saw him as being out of control and they gunned him down in 1935