August 3

History events
1797 — (11th of Av, 5557) Patent for Bohemia removes all Jewish disabilities
1857 — (13th of Av, 5617) Handbills were posted in Goldsboro ordering all Germans and Jews to leave Goldsboro, NC by August 4, 1857
1882 — (18th of Av, 5642) As the Tisza-Eszlar affair came to a climax, a Hungarian jury acquitted the Jewish defendants of murder charges touching off anti-Jewish riots in Budapest
1947 — As tensions mounted in Great Britain following the killing of two British sergeants ….. by the Irgun in retaliation for the execution of three of its fighters, violence broke out today in Manchester where “groups of men began breaking the windows of shops in Cheetham Hill…which had home to a Jewish community since the early 19th century” while others tore “down the canopy of the Great Synagogue on Cheetham Hill Road” and surrounded “a Jewish wedding party at the Assembly Hall” shouting “abuse at the terrified guests until one in the morning.”
1958 — (17th of Av, 5717) The oil pipeline from Eilat to Haifa was completed. Since Israeli ships and ships that stopped at Israeli ports were barred from using the Suez this joining of Israel’s two major seaports was of great economic importance
2005 — (27th of Tammuz, 5765) In a triumph for Israeli scientific and engineering capabilities a “new $250 million desalination plant in Ashkelon began pumping potable water filtered from the Mediterranean Sea” today
2006 — (9th of Av, 5766) Jews all over the world observe the Fast Day of Tisha B’Av ….. as the IDF battles against Hezbollah and Hamas. A barrage of Hezbollah rockets slammed into northern Israel today, killing at least eight Israelis. Four people were killed when a rocket crashed directly into a house near the northern town of Ma’alot, and another four were killed when a rocket exploded near their vehicle in Acre. Four people were seriously wounded and two others sustained moderate wounds in rocket strikes in Acre, Hurfeish and Kiryat Shmona. Another 31 people were also lightly wounded in the attacks

1829 — (4th of Av, 5589) In the Cape Colony, Sir Anthony Oliphant and his wife Maria gave birth to Laurence Oliphant who supported the building of a railway between Jaffa and Jerusalem, who starting in 1879 began working to “settle large number of Jews” especially those from Eastern Europe in Palestine and who himself lived for a time “in the Germany colony in Haifa.”
1836 — (20th of Av, 5596) Carel Asser, Dutch jurist, died
1860 — (15th of Av, 5620) Today, in Boston, Louis Goldenberg, ….. a jeweler by trade, informed his neighbors that he was lonely and he was to visit his wife who had gone to the country. Louis Goldenberg aged 55, was a German Jew, born in Russia, who had lived in the United States for the last ten year and had been employed by Currier & Trott as a watch repairer for the last six years. For the last several months Mr. Goldenberg had been engaged in a series of swindles in which at least six prominent jewelers were victimized to the tune of $5,000 in losses. Mr. Goldenberg’s “visit to his wife in the country” was actually his getaway
1924 — (3th of Av, 5684) Birthdate of author Leon Uris
1929 — (26th of Tammuz, 5689) Inventor and scientist, Emil Berliner, passed away. ….. Born in German in 1851, Berliner worked in a number of fields. He developed a microphone for the telephone. He developed the prototype for the modern phonograph record which replaced Edison’s original recording cylinders. Until the advent of tape and CDs, his phonograph record was the backbone of the recording and music industries. He also developed a revolutionary lightweight engine which he then put into a experimental helicopter he developed
1948 — (27th of Tammuz, 5708) Emanuel Rothstein died today while flying his Auster for the IAF
1970 — (1th of Av, 5730) Igal Shohat and Moshe Goldwasser were taken prisoner when their F4-E Phantom was shot down during the War of Attrition. Tragically, Goldwasswer reportedly died while in captivity and Shohat lost his leg