August 28

History events
1349 — (13th of Elul, 5109) Six thousand Jews are killed in Mainz after having been accused of being the cause of the plague
1511 — (4th of Elul, 5271) The Portuguese conquer Malacca. ….. Malacca, Malaysia was in the 16th century a Jewish hub not only for Portuguese Jews but also for Jews from around the Red Sea and the Malabar. With its synagogues and rabbis, Jewish Culture in Malacca was alive and well. Visible Jewish presence existed in Malacca right up to the 18th century. Due to the Portuguese inquisition a lot of the Jews of Malacca assimilated into the Malacca Portuguese (Eurasian) community. They are a creole community often referred to as Kristang; and their Portuguese dialect Papia Kristang
1703 — (27th of Elul, 5463) The Aleinu prayer was prohibited in Brandenberg, Germany. ….. Aleinu, composed by Rav (one of the great Talmudist (d. 247)) had been part of the ritual prayer for almost 1500 years. It served as a focal point for anti-Jewish attacks. Although the wording «For they bow down to emptiness and vanity and to a God that cannot save» which was taken from Isaiah (45:20) referred to idol-worshipers, some Christian leaders claimed it was an attack on Christianity. The part of the prayer was eventually eradicated from the Ashkenazic siddur (prayerbook) entirely and only reprinted recently
1892 — (5th of Аv, 5652) In Deadwood, South Dakota, the Hebrew Cemetery Association purchased a section in the new cemetery for Jewish burials for the sum of $200.
1897 — (30th of Elul, 5657) Opening of the first Zionist Congress at Basel
1898 — (10th of Elul, 5658) The Second Zionist Congress convenes in Basel and hears an address from Dr. Max Nordeau
1910 — (23th of Аv, 5670) A bulletin issued by the Government that ….. gives information about the clergy in America reported that there were 1,084 Jewish rabbis in the United States in 1906, that the average salary of rabbis in cities having a population of 300,000 or more is $1, 491 which is the lowest paid to clergy except for Roman Catholics and that in New York City “Jewish places of worship are valued at $8,700,000 with 19 per cent debts
1918 — (20th of Elul, 5678) American diplomats Henry King and Charles Crane presented their report to the Paris Peace Conference. They recommended the joining of Palestine to Syria, an end to the establishment of a Jewish National Home in Palestine and an international and interdenominational committee to supervise the Holy Places. Their report proved to be meaningless when the U.S. Senate rejected the Versailles Treaty. What may come as a surprise to some is that this betrayal of Zionist principles was prepared on the initiative of Woodrow Wilson
1938 — (1th of Elul, 5698) As Arab Irregulars continued their sniping and arson: today, “curfews were imposed on Jaffa, Ramleh, Jenin, Nablus and Beersheba
1941 — (5th of Elul, 5701) Second day of two day Aktion under the command of Obergruppenfuehrer Friedrich Jeckeln at Kolomija near Kamenets-Podolsk during which a total of 23,600 Jews were murdered. Of the total between 14,000 and 18,000 of them were Hungarian Jews. The Germans were assisted by the Hungarians during the two days of slaughter; Thousands of Jews are murdered at Czyzewo-Szlachecki, Poland
1942 — (15th of Elul, 5702) Fourteen thousand Jews are killed at Sarny, Ukraine; Ten thousand Jews are murdered at Miedzyrzec, Poland; Jews of Chortkov, Ukraine, are put into freight cars and transported to the death camp at Belzec; The Antwerp police roundup 1,243 Belgian Jews and ship them to the death camps
1945 — (19th of Elul, 5705) The British Mandate Government published the Fitzgerald Plan for governing Jerusalem. The system of dividing the city into boroughs had some merit, but it was predicated on the notion that the British Mandate would continue. The plan, like so many before and after it, was dead on arrival
1952 — (7th of Elul, 5712) In an address to the Knesset, Prime Minister Ben-Gurion reported that Arab infiltrators killed 62 Israelis, injured 110 and abducted 29 during 1951
1953 — (17th of Elul, 5713) In the evening, Unit 101, under the command of Ariel Sharon, conducted its first mission

1766 — (23th of Elul, 5526) Birthdate of Simon Edler von Lamel the native of Bohemia who became a leading Austrian merchant while working to improve the conditions of his fellow Jews as could be seen by his efforts to reduce their taxes
1855 — (14th of Elul, 5615) Isaac Samuel Reggio, Jewish theological writer, died
1923 — (16th of Elul, 5683) «Kid Dropper» Nathan Kaplan was gunned down today by Louis Cohen, a member of Jacob “Little Augie” Orgen’s gaing.. Born in 1891, he was also known as Jack the Dropper. Kaplan was an American gangster controlling labor racketeering and extortion in New York City during the post-World War I period into the early years of Prohibition in the early 1920s.
1936 — (10th of Elul, 5696) — David Nishri, a19 year old student was killed today when Arabs ambushed a bus traveling between Kiriat Anavim and Jerusalem; Four children were injured when three bombs exploded in Tiberius and two more people were injured when Arabs attacked on bus traveling to Jerusalem
1986 — (23th of Аv, 5746) Birthdate of Galid Shalit, the Israeli soldier kidnapped by Hamas in June, 2006