August 22

History events
1349 — (7th of Elul, 5109) Six thousand Jews slaughtered in Mayence
1454 — (28th of Av, 5214) Jews of Brno (now a city in the Czech Republic; then a free imperial city of Moravia) were expelled by King Ladislaus
1614 — (27th of Elul, 5374) Vincent Fettmilch of Frankfurt, ….. a former pastry cook and leader of the Guilds, calling himself the «new Haman of the Jews» attacked the synagogue while the community was at prayer. Although many tried to organize a defense, they were soon overpowered and many took shelter in the cemetery while the community was destroyed. He and his accomplices were hanged and quartered for it 2 years later. They were not hanged for their attacks on the Jews. They were hanged because they had decided to attack the wealthy nobles
2005 — (17th of Av, 5765) Netzarim was evacuated by the Israeli military today officially marking the end of the 38-year-long presence of Israeli settlers in the Gaza Strip, though the official handover was planned for several weeks later

1280 — (25th of Elul, 5040) Abraham ben Samuel Abulafia arrived in Rome today
1370 — (30th of Av, 5130) Judah Alatzar of Barcelona, a Spanish Jew, lent the king and queen 110,000 sueldos so they could equip ten ships which would transfer the Pope from Rome to Avignon
1800 — (1th of Elul, 5560) Birthdate of Samuel David Luzzatto, Italian-Jewish scholar
1973 — (24th of Av, 5733) U.S. President Richard Nixon names Henry Kissinger as Secretary of State. Kissinger is the first Jew to hold this post