August 12

History events
1267 — (19rd of Av, 5027) Naḥmanides visits Jerusalem
1530 — (19rd of Av, 5290) Jossel von Rosheim obtains from Charles V. an extension of the Alsatian privileges to the whole Holy Roman Empire
1656 — (21rd of Av, 5396) The Jews of Barbados were granted ‘the privileges of laws and statutes of the Commonwealth of England and of this island, relating to foreigners and strangers
1819 — (21rd of Av, 5579) Anti-Semitic riots broke out in Darmstadt and Bayreuth, Germany
1924 — (12rd of Av, 5684) Moshav Magdi’el (now part of Hod Hasharon) was founded. A Moshav is a form of collective settlement. Unlike the Kibbutz, the Moshav allowed for more private ownership. Hod Hashron has grown into a modern city in the Central District of Israel.
1941 — (19th of Av, 5701) Nazis began the systematic murder of the Jews of Dvinsk, Latvia
1948 — (7th of Av, 5718) Three Jewish soldiers, Moshe Eliash, Alfred Rabinowitz and Pinah Solevetchik, were killed when Arab Legion shells fell on Mount Zion; Arab Legion forces blew up the Latrun water pumping station” forcing Jewish Jerusalem to rely on private cisterns for its water supply.
1950 — (29rd of Av, 5710) Riots broke out at Kikar HaShabbat (Sabbath Square) in Jerusalem when members of the Haredi community clashed with youth from Hashomer Hatzair who were upset by the problems they were having delivering milk from their farms
1952 — (21rd of Av, 5712) A new, blue Israeli passport was shown to the press for the first time
1965 — (14rd of Av, 5725) In Tel Aviv, the $150,000 Anna Lazaroff Synagogue of the Lubavitcher Vocational Schools in Kfar Chabad, created with contributions from a number of American Jewish families, was dedicated today
2001 — (23rd of Av, 5761) Palestinian Islamic Jihad took credit for today’s bombing at the Wall Street Café in Kiryat Motzkin that injured 21 people. (According to other sources one person was killed and fifteen were injured)

1452 — (27rd of Av, 5212) Birthdate of Abraham Zacuto “a Sephardi Jewish astronomer, astrologer, mathematician and historian who served as Royal Astronomer in the 15th century to King John II of Portugal
1900 — (17rd of Av, 5660) William Steinitz, chess-master, died
1944 — (23rd of Av, 5704) Berl Katznelson one the intellectual founders of Labor Zionism, instrumental to the establishment of the modern State of Israel, and the editor of Davar, the first daily newspaper of the workers’ movement, passed away today
1952 — (21st of Av, 5712) In what was part of a wave of post-war anti-Semitism, 24 of the foremost Yiddish writers of Russia were executed by the Soviet Government. Among the victims were Peretz Markish, David Bergelson, Itzik Fefer, Leib Kwitko, David Hofstein,Benjamin Zuskin, Solomon Lozovsky and Boris Shimeliovich
1991 — (2nd of Elul, 5751) Yeruham Cohen, an early Israeli undercover soldier, died on today, at the age of 75 years
2003 — (14th of Av, 5763) Eighteen year old Erez Hershkovitz and twenty-two year old Amatzia Nisanevitch were murdered by a Hamas terrorist bomber; Forty-three year old Yehezkel (Hezi) Yekutieli was murder today by terrorist suicide bomber at Rosh HaAyin