August 11

History events
1836 — (28th of Av, 5596) Restriction on the use of Christian prænomens removed in Bohemia
1929 — (5th of Av, 5689) The Jewish Agency was created at the 16th Zionist Congress in Zurich. It was intended to include non-Zionists such as Louis Marshall, Leon Blum and Felix Warburg to take a leading role among those working to create a Jewish state
1933 — (13th of Av, 5693) In Warsaw, an edict was issued forbidding Jewish bakers, who observe the Sabbath, to bake bread on Sundays. The edict affected over 50,000 Jewish bakers
1937 — (4th of Elul, 5697) By a vote of 304 to 158, the 20th Zionist Congress, ….. held in Zurich, endorsed Chaim Weizmann¹s proposal and empowered the Zionist Executive to negotiate with the British government the terms of the Royal (Peel) Report, according to which the partition of Palestine would be implemented and the Jewish state was to be established. Dr. Weizmann¹s proposal was denounced by Dr. Stephen Wise, on behalf of American Jewry and many other delegates, including Menachem Ussishkin. A revised version of the partition plan was also supported by David Ben-Gurion
1941 — (18th of Av, 5701) Vichy adopted an ordinance excluding Jews from working as doctors
1942 — (28th of Av, 5702) The Nazis murdered 13,000 Jews at Rostov-On-Don
1947 — (25th of Av, 5707) Today in the wake of an attack by an Arab band that killed person, four Jewish and an Arab, in a café on the outskirts of Tela Aviv, today Haganah warned the Jewish community against demands that it ‘revenge this manslaughter’ and to be calm while organized plans were prepared” while Vaad Leumi has asked for a meeting of all municipal councils in Palestine to formulae plans for tightening measures for the defense of the Jewish community
2006 — (17th of Av, 5766) A reported 120 rockets rained down on northern Israel striking Haifa, Safed and Kiryat Shimona

1667 — (21st of Av, 5427) Jonah Abravanel, Hebrew poet, died
1988 — (28th of Av, 5748) Meir Kahane renounced his US citizenship to stay in the Israeli Parliament. Kahane and his virulent anti-Arab views have been rejected by the Israeli mainstream. Kahane himself was gunned down by Arab terrorists