April 6

History events
1903 — (9th of Nisan, 5663) The Kishinev pogrom began
1930 — (8th of Nisan, 5690) The Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported that according to a report submitted by the Zionist Education Council to the Action Committee, “there are 21,031 pupils in the schools maintained in Palestine by the Zionist Organization. The annual budget for the schools is $637,250 which includes…a $37,975 subsidy from the Palestine Colonization Association and $60,000 from the municipality of Tel Aviv
1941 — (9th of Nisan, 5701) The Nazis established two ghettos in Radom, Poland
1947 — (16th of Nisan, 5707) As it begins its American tour, The Hapoel soccer team is scheduled to board a plane a Tel Aviv today as it makes its way to New York City
1948 — (26th of Adar II, 5708) The Irgun raided the British Army camp at Pardes Hanna killing seven British soldiers and stealing a large quantity of weapons; Operation Nachshon was launched this evening in an attempt to open the road to Jerusalem
1951 — (29th of Adar II, 5711) The Jerusalem Post reported that for the first time since the establishment of the state, Britain announced that it was ready to sell small arms to Israel, on the same terms as had been enjoyed by Egypt
1954 — (3th of Nisan, 5714) The body of Baron Edmond de Rothschild was re-interred in Zichron Yaakov, the wine-producing village which had been established with his help
1973 — (4th of Nisan, 5733) In the aftermath of the Munich Olympic Massacre, Basil al-Kubaissi, a law professor who provided arms and logistic support for Black September was shot to death while returning home from dinner in Paris
1979 — (9th of Nisan, 5739) Thirteen people were injured by a bomb set off at a bus stop in Jerusalem
1994 — (25th of Nisan, 5754) Eight people were killed in a Hamas terrorist car-bomb attack on a bus in the center of Afula. This was the first documented car bombing in Israel
1995 — (6th of Nisan, 5755) Six Israelis were killed in two suicide bombings at Kfar Darom

1812 — (24th of Nisan, 5572) Aaron Bernstein, German publicist, born
1992 — (3rd of Nisan, 5752) Isaac Assimov died at the age of 72