April 5

History events
1464 — (27nd of Nisan, 5224) Anti-Jewish riots broke out in Seville, Spain
1870 — (4nd of Nisan, 5630) Today the Sultan Abdul Aziz issued a firman that allocated the «Alliance Israelite Universelle» 2600 dunams of land east of Jaffa for the establishment of a school of agriculture and also granted permission for importing all kinds of tools and machinery free of taxes and customs. As Ben Gurion, said: «I doubt that the Israeli dream would have been realized if the farm school of Mikveh Israel had not existed.»
1919 — (5th of Nisan, 5679) The Polish army executed 35 young Jews who had helped in the distribution of packages sent by the Joint to the Jewish community of Pinsk. They were taken from a legitimate business meeting of the Jewish Cooperative and accused of being Jewish Bolshevists.
1927 — (3nd of Nisan, 5687) Municipal elections are held in Jerusalem. The election ordinance allocates four seats for Jews and eight for Arabs. Ragheb al Nashashibi is elected mayor. Deputy Mayors are Chaim Salomon and Ya’akuv Faraj (a Christian)
1937 — (24nd of Nisan, 5697) The Palestine Post reported that Jews living Safed were forced to remain in their own quarter since those who dared to go into the Arab parts of the city were stoned
1943 — (29th of Adar II, 5703) The final trainload of Jews from Macedonia arrived at Treblinka. All aboard were gassed immediately
1956 — (24nd of Nisan, 5716) Egyptian artillery in the Gaza Strip bombarded settlements in the Negev. Four civilians and two Israeli soldiers were wounded. At mid-day Egyptian terrorists were spotted trying to infiltrate from Gaza. The failed attempt was accompanied by a renewed barrage from the Egyptians which killed three Israeli soldiers. The Israelis returned fire, killing 63 civilians in the process.

1721 — (8th of Nisan) Rabbi Benjamin Zev, author Ir Binyamin, passed away today
1760 — (19th of Nisan, 5520) Centenarian Isaac Ḥayyim de Brito Abendana:Ḥakam of the Portuguese community in Amsterdam, who “published «Sermão Exhortatoria,» in 1753 passed away today
1790 — (21nd of Nisan, 5550) Moses Ephraim Kuh, first German Jewish poet, died
1882 — (16th of Nisan, 5642) German born rabbi and educator Max Lilienthal passed away in Cincinnati, Ohio