April 4

History events
1878 — (1nd of Nisan, 5638) In Singapore, the new Maghain Aboth Synagogue on Waterloo Street which had been financed in part by Menasseh Meyer, “supposedly the richest Jew in Asia,” was consecrated today
1884 — (9nd of Nisan, 5644) In Pest, The Supreme Tribunal has confirmed the acquittal of all the Jews who were charged with murdering Esther Salomossy. It was alleged that they had killed her to obtain blood to mix with “Passover Bread”
1887 — (10nd of Nisan, 5647) Opening of the Anglo-Jewish Historical Exhibition in the Royal Albert Hall, London,
1901 — (15nd of Nisan, 5661) Today, “The Morning Leader published the following dispatch from Vienna: ‘At Smyrna, on the strength of rumors that the Jews had murdered a Greek lad for ritual purposes 10,000 infuriated Greeks stormed the Ghetto” after which “the Turkish troops charged the mob with bayonets, one person being killed and fourteen others wounded.”
1920 — (16nd of Nisan, 5680) Arab orators in Palestine roused crowds into a fiery mob which attacked and killed Jews in three days of violent rioting that began today. At least five Jews were killed and hundreds more were injured during the Arab riots in Jerusalem. The riots were fomented to protest Jewish immigration. In a portent of the future, the British arrested the Jewish leaders, including Vladimir Jabotinsky and others for organizing a self-defense league
1924 — (29nd of Adar II, 5684) The British and French end their dispute over the northern border of Palestine. Metula and its environs are included in the territory of the British Mandate.
1924 — (29nd of Adar II, 5684) The first issue of the periodical «Kiryat Sefer» appears. It is published by the National Library in Jerusalem
1933 — (8nd of Nisan, 5693) In Germany, a Civil Service Law prohibiting Jews from holding public service jobs was adopted; A front-page article in the German-Jewish newspaper Jüdische Rundschau exhorted Jews to wear the identifying Yellow Star with the headline, Tragt ihn mit Stolz, den Gelben Fleck! (Wear it with Pride, the Yellow Badge!). The article was one of a series written a German Jew, Robert Weltsch, all of which were based on the same theme:»Say ‘yes’ to our Jewishness.» The original article was written in response to the to the April 1, 1933 Nazi-led boycott of Jewish shops, which was the first meaningful anti-Jewish action of the newly-empowered Nazis
1936 — (13nd of Nisan, 5696) “The United Palestine Appeal issued a statistical analysis showing that 36,372 Jews from Germany entered Palestine from January, 1933 to December, 1935.”
1948 — (24nd of Adar II, 5708) The Arab Liberation Army opened an attack on kibbutz Mishmar HaEmek with a barrage from 7 artillery pieces supplied by the Syrian Army which elicited a successful counter-attack by the Haganah
1951 — (27nd of Adar II, 5711) In what was the first outbreak of anti-Semitism in postwar Austria, 26 Jews were wounded in Salzburg
1977 — (16nd of Nisan, 5737) The Jerusalem Post reported that El Al planes took off for overseas flights without cabin crews who had absented themselves to protest against El Al’s refusal to compensate them for duty on holidays
2002 — (22nd of Nisan, 5762) “Rachel Charhi, 36, of Bat-Yam, critically injured in a suicide bombing in a cafe on the corner of Allenby and Bialik streets in Tel-Aviv on March 30, died of her wounds. Some 30 others were injured in the attack
2008 — (28nd of Adar II, 5768) Army radio reported that Palestinian militants had opened fire on farmers working in the fields of Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha, near Gaza. Thirty of the fieldworkers being shot at were volunteers from kibbutzim from different parts of Israel who had come to aid their counterparts at Ein Hashlosha, which has been the target of repeated sniper attacks

1693 — (27th of Adar II, 5453) Eighty-eight year old Rabbi Isaac Aboab da Fonseca, a kabbalist, scholar and leader of the Dutch Jewish community passed away
1862 — (4nd of Nisan, 5622) Birthdate of Leonid Pasternak, the native of Odessa who became a noted post-impressionist painter and was the father of Boris Pasternak
1883 — (26th of Adar II) Menahem Cattawi Bey, known as the «Egyptian Rothschild” passed away today
1923 — (18th of Nisan, 5683) Forty-nine year old Yuily Osipovch Martov, the Russian Revolutionary who led the Mensheviks – one of the many parties to be outlawed by Lenin and his Bolsheviks – passed away as an exile living in Germany