April 30

History events
1349 — (11th of Iyar, 5109) The Jewish community at Radolszell, Germany, was exterminated
1492 — (3th of Iyar, 5252) Decree ordering Jews to leave Spain publicly announced
1899 — (20th of Iyar, 5659) At Nicoleaieff, Russia a town of 100,000 that includes 30,000 Jews, approx
imately 5,000 rioters “wrecked hundreds of Jewish houses and shops
1902 — (23th of Nisan, 5662) Herzl completes his Palestine Novel Altneuland (Old New Land) which portrays his vision for life in the new Jewish Homeland
1904 — (15th of Iyar, 5664) At Bender, Bessarabia, on Shabbat, «while the greater part of the Jewish community was assembled in the synagogue a mob of ruffians attacked the Jewish quarter killing three men and two women and wounding several other persons. A number of Jewish shops were plundered and the windows of Jewish houses were broken. The mob which was incited to violence by the cry that the Jews and England and America brought on the the Russo-Japanese war in revenge for the Kishinev massacre, was too numerous to be dispersed by the police force and it was not until a company of Cossacks had been called out and ordered to used fire arms that the riot was quelled
1925 — (6th of Iyar, 5685) The Revisionist party (Brith HaTzionim HaRevisionistim) was founded by Zev (Vladimir) Jabotinsky.in Paris, France
1929 — (20th of Nisan, 5689) In Tel Aviv, the fourth Palestine and Near East Exhibition comes to a close
1936 — (8th of Iyar, 5696) The Flying Camel spreads its wings on the shores of the Mediterranean as the emblem of the Levant Fair  opening today in Tel Aviv; Despite Arab violence in Palestine, the High Commissioner opened the Levant Fair at Tel Aviv today where “more than 5,000” people heard “Mayor Dizengoff stress the importance of this biennial exhibition in the development of trade in the Near and Middle East with Western manufacturers.”
1940 — (22th of Nisan, 5700) The Lodz Ghetto was officially sealed
1942 — (13th of Iyar, 5702) Today the Germans ordered the Jews of Pinsk to move into the ghetto by 4:00 p.m. on May 1. More than 20,000 persons were packed into the ghetto, a cramped area in a slum quarter;
Twelve hundred Jews were killed in Diatlovo, Belorussia. The Jews offered armed resistance, but it was futile.
1943 — (25th of Nisan, 5703) IThe German government established Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp for Jews. The camp was located in northwest Germany. Approximately 40,000 perished there from a variety of forms of inhumane treatment. Anne Frank died there in March, 1945, a month before the camp was liberated by the allies
1946 — (29th of Nisan, 5706) Seven Jews were murdered by anti-Semitic Poles at Nowy Targ, Poland, very near to where five Jews were killed on April 21
1948 — (21th of Nisan, 5708) I“The battle for Jerusalem began today as the Haganah swooped into the Christian Arab Katamon quarter and infiltrated deep into the Moslem Mamilla cemetery, and Jewish postal employes seized the general post office.
1950 — (13th of Iyar, 5710) IA compromise was reached today among competing factions of the trade union movement in Israel that will allow tomorrow’s May Day celebrations to go on as planned. Histadrut had threatened to cancel the festivities unless the “pro-Soviet minority” agreed to march without banners carrying proclamations that would be offensive to “the western democracies.
1953 — (15th of Iyar, 5713) IThe Jerusalem Post reported that a gang of Bedouin terrorists mined a bridge on the Nitzana-Beersheba road and opened fire when an army truck was passing by. Nobody was hurt, but the bridge was damaged
2003 — (28th of Nisan, 5763): Ran Baron, 24; Dominque Caroline Hass, 29 and Yanai Weiss, 46 were murdered and dozens more wounded including Keith Trowbridge, 37 and Avi Tabib, the security guard, when a terrorist working for Fatah Tanzim and Hamas blew himself up at Mike’s Place a popular Tel Aviv Restaurant. The murderer was part of a group of three British Muslims who came to Israel to kill Jews
2015 — (11th of Iyar, 5775) “An Israeli-led rescue team pulled a Nepalese woman out of the rubble in the capital Kathmandu today, five days after a massive earthquake leveled much of the city, killing some 6,000 people.”

1693 — (24th of Nisan, 5453) Rabbi David Ha-Kohen of Jerusalem, author of “Da’at Kadoshim” passed away
1947 — (10th of Iyar, 5707) “Itzhak Zuckerman, deputy commander of Warsaw’s ghetto arrived in Palestine” today to settle permanently at the village of Yagour “where his wife Zivia Lubotkin, another leader of the Polish ghetto rising is a member