April 27

History events
1881 — (28th of Nisan, 5641) Anti-Semitic riot at Elizabethgrad begins a series of excesses against the Jews in South Russia
1948 — (18th of Nisan, 5708) During the Israeli War for Independence, the British landed a tank battalion and an artillery regiment at Jaffa. Ernest Bevin, the British Foreign Minister, informed the British commanders that they must prevent the capture of Jaffa by the Jews ‘at all costs’.” The British artillery shelled Haganah units and British aircraft attacked Jewish settlements in the area; The Arab Legion crossed the Jordan River on the “road bridge” near the town of Gesher, a Jewish settlement. It was the most effective fighting force in the Middle East. The Jordanians crossed the river with intention of seizing a police fort and the town of Gesher. The Jewish settlers were told evacuate within an hour and to turn the fort over to the Arab Legion. The Jews refused to leave and the Legion attacked. So confident were they of success that the heir to the Jordanian throne had come to watch what was sure to be a victorious battle. However, when the smoke cleared, the Jews had held on and the Legion retreated back from whence they had come.
1950 — (10th of Iyar, 5710) The modern state of Israel was officially recognized by the British government
1952 — (2th of Iyar, 5712) The Jerusalem Post reported that Jerusalem suffered a severe shortage of water because the Jerusalem Electric Corporation had withdrawn power from the water pumping stations until the municipality settles a debt of IL60,000
1996 — (8th of Iyar, 5756) Operations Grapes of Wrath, the Israeli military incursion into Lebanon brought on by terrorist attacks and the inability of the Lebanese government to control its own borders, came to an end
2002— (15th of Iyar, 5762) Danielle Shefi, 5; Arik Becker, 22; Katrina (Katya) Greenberg, 45; and Ya’acov Katz, 51, all of Adora, were killed when terrorists dressed in IDF uniforms and combat gear cut through the settlement’s defensive perimeter fence and entered Adora, west of Hebron. Seven other people were injured, one seriously. The terrorists entered several homes, firing on people in their bedrooms. Both Hamas and the PFLP claimed responsibility for the attack

1293 — (19th of Iyar, 5053) Meïr of Rothenburg died
1821 — (25th of Nisan, 5581) Hungarian historian and poet Solomon Löwisohn passed away today
1859 — (23rd of Nisan, 5619) Sir Isaac Lyon Goldsmid, English financier and the first Jewish baronet passed away