April 2

History events
1825 — (14th of Nisan, 5585) The special privileges granted to the Portuguese Jewish citizens of Suriname were terminated by order of the Dutch crown. Thenceforth, Jews in the Dutch colonies were accorded the same rights as the other inhabitants, and all privileges, concessions and exceptions of whatever nature were abolished
1844 — (13th of Nisan, 5604) The building” housing the Great Synagogue in Sidney “was consecrated today with the music for the ceremony in the hands of Isaac Nathan, father of Australian music
1922 — (4th of Nisan, 5682) Today “two wagons left the corner of Lilienblum and Herzl Streets in Tel Aviv carrying 4 «Ahuza» members, 3 laborers and 2 armed watchmen. After a 5 hour journey, they unloaded their baggage at the place destined to become Ra’anana which has grown to become a city of almost 70,000 people living in Israel’s Central District
1935 — (28th of Adar II, 5695) In Tel Aviv, the second Maccabiah Games opened “before 40,000 spectators at the Maccabiah Stadium
1937 — (21th of Nisan, 5697) On the outskirts of Warsaw at Sokolow and Lukow, “all the Jewish market stands were smashed and many Jews were injured and driven from the marketplaces today by a stone-hurling mob.”; In Albania, the Jewish community was granted official recognition by the government. The largest Jewish populations were located in Kavaje and Vlora
1944 — (9th of Nisan, 5704) In Haifa, British police discovered a cache of arms belonging to the Stern Gang following a bombing which caused the death of a Jewish constable and wounded a British policeman; At night, British authorities arrested more than sixty individuals many of whom were reported to be “members of the Jewish revisionist party known as the New Zionist Organization.”
1952 — (7th of Nisan, 5712) The Jerusalem Post reported that the IDF had completed «Operation Ma’barot,» the winter-long assistance extended by various army units to new immigrants in their camps
2009 — (8th of Nisan, 5769) A terrorist infiltrated Bat Ayin in the Gush Etzion region of the West Bank and killed Shlomo Nativ, a 13-year-old Israeli boy, by striking him in the head with an axe. The terrorist also attacked a 7-year-old boy with the axe, hitting and wounding him in the head.

1608 — (26th of Nisan, 5368) Joseph Ben Samuel Ibn Rey, the Italian rabbi who was the author of a work entitled «Sefer Massoret,» a treatise on the Masorah, in which he endeavored to prove that there are no reasonless or unjustified repetitions in the Bible passed away today
1770 — (7th of Nisan) Rabbi PInchas Zelig of Lask, author of Ateret Paz passed away
1914 — (6th of Nisan, 5674) Paul Heyes, the first Jew to win the Nobel Prize for Literature, passed away today at the age of 84
1937 — (21st of Nisan, 5697) Nathan Birnbaum passed away. Born in Vienna in 1864, Birnbaum coined the terms Zionists and Zionism in 1890.