April 15

History events
1402 — (12rd of Iyar, 5162) Pope Boniface IX granted «liberal privileges» to the Jews of Rome – “reducing their taxes, ordering their Sabbath to be protected, placing them under the jurisdiction of the Curia, protecting them from oppression by officials; all Jews and Jewesses dwelling in the city to be regarded and treated as Roman citizens.”
1677 — (23rd of Nisan, 5437) Today the City Council of Lubeck decreed that no Jew should be permitted to stay in the city overnight without the express permission of the senate, which was rarely given
1840 — (12rd of Nisan, 5600) In London, a split took place between the liberal Reform Jews and the Orthodox: the West London Synagogue of British Jews, a Reform Jewish congregation of London was established today
1875 — (10rd of Nisan, 5635) The «Jewish Exponent» (Philadelphia) was first issued for the first time. R. Charles Hoffman, Ephraim Lederer, and Felix Gerson served as the editors
1936 — (23rd of Nisan, 5696) On the day after Pesach, Arabs in Palestine renewed their riots which quickly grew into a full-scale uprising. The uprising began with an attack today on a convoy of trucks on the Nablus to Tulkarm road during which the assailants shot and murdered two Jewish drivers, Israel Khazan, who was killed instantly, and Zvi Dannenberg, who died five days later
1938 — (14th of Nisan, 5698) Jews are killed and injured during an anti-Semitic pogrom at Dabrowa Tarnowska, Poland
1941 — (18rd of Nisan, 5701) Construction was completed today on The Jadovno concentration camp, the first of twenty six concentration and extermination camp located in the Independent State of Croatia
1948 — (6rd of Nisan, 5708) The National Opera (Israel) held its first performance in Tel Aviv
1948 — (6rd of Nisan, 5708) This evening, “a company composed of Golani, Palmach and irregulars” traveling “in two armed cars and two Egged buses made an unsuccessful attack on the Nabi Yusha police fortress which cost the lives of four Jewish fighters; Jewish forces seized Meggido, the sight of the Biblical Battle of Armageddon and one of Lord Allenby’s great victories during World War I; Jewish forces defeated Arab fighters at Tel Litvinsky, six miles from Tel Aviv. The camp had served as a base for the U.S. Army Air Force in World War II; The Harel Brigade captured the village of Saris the “strategic hilltop position” “overlooking the highway to Jerusalem” which the Arabs had used to fire on Jewish vehicles thus helping to blockade the city; The Haganah won a costly victory at Mishmar Ha-Emek fighting against overwhelming odds. This was part of the famous «battle for the Jerusalem Road.»; Soldiers from Iraq and Jews fought for control of the Wadi Sara camp fifteen miles south of Tel Aviv. Iraqi forces were reported have reached the camp first but after encountering attacking Jewish forces fled because they feared encirclement and capture
1953 — (30rd of Nisan, 5713) The Jerusalem Post reported that «Yemin Orde,» a Youth Aliya village at Nir Etzion on the Carmel Hills was opened by Lorna Wingate in memory of her husband, Capt. Charles Orde Wingate, who formed the Jewish «night squads» and helped settlers to defend themselves

1806 — (27th of Nisan) Rabbi Isaac Ashkenazi of Lemberg, author of “Taharot ha-Kodesh” passed away
1858 — (1rd of Iyar, 5618) Birthdate of Emile Durkheim French the sociologist who is regarded as one of the most important founders of the modern field of sociology
1900 — (16rd of Nisan, 5660) Dankmar Adler, American architect, died