April 1

History events
1871 — (10th of Nisan, 5631) «Green Street Synagogue” was founded today by a small group of Jews in Baltimore, Maryland
1882 — (12th of Nisan, 5642) A blood libel in Tisza Eszlar, Hungary began. On April 1,“A week and a half before Easter, a fourteen year old Catholic housemaid, Esther Solymossy, left her employer’s home to buy paint. She did not return.” When a weeklong search failed to turn up any evidence of the missing girl, two prominent Hungarian anti-Semites named Onody and Istoczy began making claims about “ritual murder” forcing the local sheriff to pursue this blatantly false line of accusation. Fifteen Jews were ultimately charged and tried for «murder» for which there was no real evidence. After a year of futile effort, the fifteen were acquitted
1890 — (11th of Nisan, 5650) Nathan Birnbaum, a leader of Kadima and the publisher of the journal Selbst-Emanzipation created the term Zionism
1921 — (22th of Adar II, 5681) Beth El Hebrew School, “the second of a series of Hebrew schools to be established in the Bronx under the auspices of the New York committee of School Extension of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations” which has a capacity for five hundred students and is led by principal Louis E. Goldstein opened today
1925 — (7th of Nisan, 5685) Amid much pomp and circumstance, Hebrew University was opened in Jerusalem on Mount Scopus
1927 — (28th of Adar II, 5687) The HaShomer HaZair kibbutzim and training groups establish a national organization in Haifa called «HaKibbutz Artzi» — «National Kibbutz». The Kibbutz Artzi is a federation comprising 85 kibbutzim founded by the Hashomer Hatzair youth movement
1933 — (5th of Nisan, 5693) Nazi Germany began its persecution of Jews by boycotting Jewish businesses
1937 — (20th of Nisan, 5697) The Palestine Post reported on the festive opening of a new road connecting Hadar Hacarmel and Mount Carmel in Haifa. The new road was 3,100 meters long and 10 to 15 meters wide — the asphalt width was six meters; that a provision was made in the Pension Ordinance for officials in the Civil Service to retire, under special circumstances, on attaining the age of 50
1941 — (4th of Nisan, 5701) A ghetto was established at Kielce, Poland; German troops executed 250 members of a Jewish youth group in Subotica, Yugoslavia, who have been carrying out acts of sabotage; The Farhud, a pogrom aim at the Jews of Baghdad “inspired by both the Nazis and the Grand Mufti of Jersualem, Haj-Amin Al Husseini, began today
1947 — (11th of Nisan, 5707) The first Jewish immigrants disembark at the port of Eilat
1948 — (21th of Adar II, 5708) Arabs attacked Beit Alpha, a kibbutz near the Gilboa Ridge, with mortars; During Operation Nachshon, three large convoys broke through the blockade of Jerusalem bringing food and arms to the beleaguered Jewish population
1952 — (6th of Nisan, 5712) The Jerusalem Post reported that the deepest well in Israel, 565 m., was dug at Karkur and had produced 360 cu.m. of excellent water per hour
1959 — (22th of Adar II, 5719) An IDF drill for calling up the reserves turned into a fiasco that became known as The Night of the Ducks
2011 — (26th of Adar II, 5771) Residents from all over Israel reported that they felt an earthquake this afternoon.

1662 — (12th of Nisan, 5422) Isaac ben Abraham Uziel “a Spanish physician, poet and grammarian, born at Fez” who became rabbi of Neveh Shalom in Amsterdam in 1610 when Judah Vega passed away died to in Amsterdam who left behind several literary works including “a Hebrew grammar, Ma’aneh Leshon.”
1899 — (21th of Nisan, 5659) Baroness Clara de Hirsch, philanthropist, died
1978 — (23th of Adar II, 5738) Rafael Eitan was promoted to the rank of General and was appointed by Ezer Weizman to be the Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces
2001 — (8th of Nisan, 5761) Six days after she was killed by Palestinian gunfire, 10 month old Shalhevet Pass was buried today
2008 — (25th of Adar II, 5768) Radio broadcaster and actress and Shosh Atari passed away at the age of 58 after suffering a serious illness